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Why Choose Pond’s

Pond’s Plumbing is a full-service company that does much more than just company. Not only are our plumbers some of the highest-rated in Utah, but we also service furnaces and new air conditioning units, and handle all kinds of repairs for homes as well as commercial properties. Though our services span a broad spectrum, all of our Salt Lake City employees are specifically trained in their field so they can do the best job for you.

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Boilers are an essential but often forgotten part of many commercial buildings' HVAC system. Is your boiler's maintenance up to date? How do you know when to repair, and when to replace your boiler? Learn more from the top plumbers in Utah about what your commercial boiler needs to keep running strong.


Pond’s Plumbing has been
servicing Salt Lake City for
more than 50 years, and
experience doesn’t lie. We have
the testimonials and reviews to
prove that we are one of Utah’s
favorite plumbing, heating, and
air conditioning companies.




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Water damage can be very expensive. It's better to prevent water damage than to try to fix it. If you suspect you may be vulnerable to water damage, one of our certified plumbers in Utah can inspect and repair any potential leaks before the damage becomes severe.


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Repair or Replace?

The best thing about working with the top-rated plumbers in Utah is that they know when plumbing repairs will be more cost-effective than replacing a damaged component. Often, something that seems like a major problem can be solved with simple repairs when your plumber has the experience and training to recognize the underlying problem.

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